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Site Assessment

Includes a thorough onsite assessment and evaluation of each location following the American Heart Association Guidelines and Recommendations for responding to cardiac emergencies. We provide you with a formal written document that details the appropriate quantity and placement of AEDs for your facility.

Defibrillator Parts & Accessories

00185-3: AED 10/20 Defibrillation Pads (1 set)

8900-0801-01: Stat-Padz HVP Multi-Function Electrodes (1 pair)

001858-E: Defibrillation Pads, Adult Leads Out, Box of 10

8900-0802-01: Stat-Padz II HVP Multi-Function Electrodes (12 pair)

001855-U: Defibrillation Pads, Adult, Box of 10

8900-0810-01: Pedi-Padz II

002173-U: AED 10 Pediatric Energy Reducer

00185-2: Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery- AED 10

eMED Fast Response Kit

90043-2: AED 10 Carrying Case Only (replacement)

980150-E: AED 10 Trainer with Case

970311-E: AED-10 Rapid Response Kit

001851-U: Pads, AED Trainer

002115-U: Zoll Pads Adapter Cable

002118-U: PCC QUIK-COMBO to R2 Adapter

00214-3: AED 10 Smart Link Lite Kit (Software & IR Adapter)

002160-U: AED Wall Placard 14TS

001962-U: Smart Link Event Pro Software (CD Only)

570672-E: Replacement Remote Control for AED 10 Trainer

810-2348-01: User Manual Kit, AED 10, Multi-Language

AED 10 Wall Bracket
001910-U: Smartview Software Kit

8900-0800-01: CPR-D Padz

AED Pro Rechargeable Battery

AED Pro Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack

ECG Electrodes

AED Pro Hard Case

8000-0829-01: AED Pro Simulator

AED Check Tag

ZOLL® AED Pro® Autotest Charger
Defibrillator Program Management

eMED Product Management Service Plan (5-8 Year)

Online Program Management Service Plan (1 Year)

Online Program Management Service Plan (5-8 Year)

Medical Prescription

AED Training Class

Local EMS and Fire Notification
Defibrillator Wall Storage Options

eMED Economy Surface Mount Wall Cabinet with Economy Alarm

Standard Surface Mount Wall Cabinet with Alarm

Surface Mount All Weather Outdoor Cabinet with Alarm

T-Mount Defibrillator Wall Sign
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